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Five Senses

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To bring to life our vision of complete customer service excellence we have developed the Five Senses customer care concept that covers every aspect of the customer experience.

Based on the idea of 360 degree customer care, this multi-sensory approach to customer service is the foundation of our customer experience. Our aim is to extend the effectiveness of our professional services by engaging with our customers on every sensory level.

The customers’ journey of engagement with us starts with a meeting at our offices which is specially designed to foster a relaxed yet professional environment that maximises the time invested by all parties.

To help us deliver and exceed our customers’ financial services needs we help to engage with our customers across all the human senses including:

Visual Environment

We ensure that our offices are designed to provide the optimum comfort and utility to our customers and employees reflecting our high standards of professionalism.

Sensory Engagement

The aroma of our office is not from tea or coffee but devices that extends our welcome to customers and helps create a friendly and relaxing atmosphere for our employees.

Refined Tastes

We extend our respect for our customers and employees by offering the best quality refreshments from a menu that is updated regularly.

Caring Contact

Our customers are our valued partners. We reflect our care for both customers and employees by providing a pleasant and safe environment for all our interactions from the initial meetings to extended consultations.

Pleasant and Calm Aural Experience

Music is a powerful way to communicate our calm, assured approach to everything we do. Our offices feature ambient music to provide the most conducive atmosphere for our customers and employees.

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