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Values & Mission

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AAFH is about integrity and professionalism.

Our working lives are informed by our values and mission to ensure we remain true to our charter.

Our Vision

Create a world without poverty, a world with opportunities.

Our Mission

We strive to present financial solutions that will ensure the financial well being of our customers and community.

Our Values

In everything we do we seek to imbue the following values:


We are committed to serving with empathy and compassion. We treat our customers’ concerns as our own concerns.


We are committed to act in an ethical, honest manner. We ensure that the whole service process is fully visible and complied with industry regulations.


We believe our people are our major assets. We attract, develop and retain our people with our best resources. All people should be treated with consideration and dignity. We cherish diversity.


We are committed to a holistic strategy delivering superior customer service and innovative financial solutions. We are here to give our customers a royal experience while efficiently processing their applications.

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