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Our Brand

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We have created the brand AAFH to denote a range of values that will create an enduring foundation for quality products and customer service.

Our Promise

We believe every customer should receive quality service and every day we strive to deliver on our brand values which include sincerity, competence, kindness and innovation.

The essence of our brand aims to convey:

  • – Peace of mind and high levels of customer satisfaction through high quality customer service and secure funding/innovative financial solutions
  • – The desire to treat our customers in a regal fashion reflecting our dedication to customer service excellence and thereby delivers peace of mind to our customers
  • – We are not merely a money business. We contribute to the community and support the education sector across the region

These brand values are reflected in our logo which contains several key design elements including:

  • – Red denoting excitement, motivation, energy, passion, love, quality, confidence and good luck
  • – Black denoting dignity, gravitas, authority, protection, comfort, prestige and wealth
  • – The fleur-de-lis or lily reflects the union of our values with our working lives, combined with the Southern Cross stars that denote justice, prudence and fortitude. This is combined with the image of the kangaroo that illustrates our Australian pedigree and a desire to leap forward to success

Through these graphic elements, we aim to communicate that AAFH is a premier, sincere, competent, kind, innovative and international organisation that regards customer service at the heart of all our activities.

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