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We believe students are the pillars of the society in the future. Therefore, we strive to facilitate student learning opportunities outside the classroom. These experiences provide the opportunity to apply classroom theory to “real world” situations thus enhancing the students’ academic and career goals.

AAFH provides a comprehensive Internship Program which gives participants the chance to build their careers through professional work experience in a range of academic areas and industries. Aimed at participants seeking professional and personal growth for better career prospects.

Program participants spend time immersed in a relevant department alongside Australian professionals. The program length can be tailored to individual needs, however the recommended duration is 12 weeks for an effective workplace experience.

We will create a training plan and allocate a mentor so you, the participant, will get the most out of your internship and Australian experience. Take the opportunity to gain international experience and bridge the gap between university and your career.


“My internship has given me the opportunity to see so much more about the Accounting field than I am able to learn in the classroom. I have developed many skills and have a much greater concept of what to expect after college. This has also given me a better understanding of what it is I have learned in the classroom, and given the opportunity to apply it to real situations.”

Ana Carolina Endres, Master of Accounting (Brazil)

“This internship has provided me a direct experience of working in Australia. The opportunity to learn new accounting software might be very useful for my future career. Moreover, it was a great experience to meet the amazing AAFH teams.”

Mortelecque Romain, Master of Accounting (France)

“The internship at AAFH gave me the opportunity to creatively integrate the skills learned at college, substantially improving my abilities within the HR Department. The experience brought me a new vision of business and was a learning that will last forever.”

Filipe Tafuri, Master of Business Administration (Brazil)

“In the course of my internship, I have gained valuable insight in the finance industry. I was given the opportunity to handle actual accounts and handle various scenarios. Insight and knowledge about the industry are really important to start a profession in this industry and AAFH was able to assist me in gaining these knowledge.”

Don Eumar Galapon, Bachelor of Business (Accounting) (Philippine)

“Being at AAFH is a fantastic opportunity to experience the perfect combination of variables such as: having challenging  projects; being in an environment where people is professional at what they do, and yet manage so well the stress the type of job done at AAFH might bring; having feedback when needed; having open communication channels. This is good material for developing your skills and still have the room to take the initiative to excel.”

Axel Ramirez, Master of Professional Accounting (Colombia)

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